ACP Planner

ACP Planner 4.2

ACP Planner™ gives you a way to create a night's target observing plan
4.2.7 (See all)

ACP Planner™ (Patent Pending) gives you a visual way to create a night's multiple target observing plan within Starry Night or TheSky. This way of planning is a quantum leap beyond other tools and automation systems because it lets you visualize your target positions and timing together dynamically and do task-oriented planning. It makes it very easy (and very fast!) to pick which targets to image at what times and for how long. There's no need to tell ACP to slew, take images, focus, guide, etc., because it's smart enough to figure out what things are needed and when. An ACP plan is just a list of targets with image/filter specs and optional timing info.

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